Oil & Diesel Filtration

Oil & diesel filtration services

We provide an on-site filtration service to remove all contaminants from oil/diesel, and the system which flows the oil or diesel.

Filtration Rigs

Our Filtration Rigs are equipped with filter elements that remove particles 3 micron absolute.

The Filtration Rigs can also remove 99.95 percent of water from the oil/diesel and there is a Micromag Magnetic Filter fitted to remove all metallic particles.

Each filter element can remove 2 kg of dirt and one litre of water from the system.

Permanent By-pass System

We can also install a permanent by-pass system to plant/machine. This enables continuous filtration of the oil/diesel in the system.

Whilst the filter element is removing all the contamination, it is not removing the oil additives needed for continuous uses.

The benefits of a by-pass system:

Eliminates water.

Removes dirt & contaminants.

Extends drain intervals.

Continuous protection.

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