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About Hydramec Onsite Ltd.

Hydramec Onsite Ltd. offers an on-site service for the maintenance & repair of industrial hydraulic systems, as well as oil analysis/filtration and engineering repairs.

Robert Gribben

Robert Gribben has been around the engineering industry from a young age. His Grandfather was a blacksmith and at a young age Robert often helped out after school with fixing machinery, and making new parts.

Robert left school 1994 and served an apprenticeship. Initially within the power generation industry, shipbuilding and engineering maintenance areas as a maintenance fitter.

In 2005 Robert decided to move into the offshore oil and gas industry. He worked platforms, drilling units and subsea construction vessels as a Mechanical/Hydraulic Engineer.

During this time Robert gained extensive experience of complex industrial hydraulic systems. These included maintenance, fault-finding, upgrades, filtration and flushing of complete systems.

Onsite Repairs

We have our own mobile workshop van for carrying out onsite repairs, from hydraulic faults/hose repairs to engineering/welding repairs.

Our History & Services

Most of the hydraulic faults we have encountered were caused by poor system cleanliness levels. Either the oil has been put into the system contaminated, or it became contaminated in the system during operation.

From our own experience, to get this rectified and have the system cleanliness level corrected, it was a struggle to find a company to do this.

Hydramec Onsite was then created and along with our other services, we provide a filtration/analysis service for all oils and diesel fuels. All our equipment has been built to our specifications by a market leading oil analysis/filtration company in the UK.

Our samples are sent to an independent lab which provides a detailed PDF Report on the findings.

Previously, if your oil or diesel fuel is contaminated you have the costly overhead of disposal costs. We sample the oil on-site and obtain a detailed analysis report to determine what contaminates is present. We then determine the correct filtration procedure to bring the oil/diesel back to the correct cleanliness level (as good as new).

Our purpose built filtration rigs are fitted with a super duty filter. The filter can remove 2 kg of dirt per element, and approx 1 litre of water per element.

All filtration rigs are fitted with a Micromag Magnetic Filter, and this will remove 99% of metallic particles from the oil/diesel.

Oil & Diesel Filtration

We provide an on-site filtration service to remove all contaminants from oil/diesel (& the system). Our filter elements remove particles 3 micron absolute.

Oil Analysis

Contamination is the biggest cause of mechanical failures in equipment. Regular Oil Analysis is a low cost preventive maintenance tool to avoid costly downtime.

On-site Repairs

Our Onsite Repair Service can help with anything from a burst hydraulic hose, leaking pipework, faults or general engineering maintenance & repairs.

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We can help you with maintenance & repair of industrial hydraulic systems, oil analysis/filtration and engineering repairs.