Oil Analysis

Oil analysis service

Contamination is the biggest cause of mechanical failures in equipment. Regular Oil Analysis is a low cost preventive maintenance tool to avoid costly downtime.

What is Oil Analysis?

Oil analysis is a process to determine if there is any contamination in the oil/fuels. Oil analysis will quickly determine the condition of the fluid and also what type of debris/contamination is present in it.

The purpose of oil analysis is to determine the condition of the oil and the machine/plant that contains the oil. Regular oil analysis will determine trends in machinery and allow for adjustments to be done to eliminate breakdowns.

Oil Analysis Report

On completion of sample analysis, our Oil Analysis Report will determine what contamination is present. We can then plan what process is required to remove the contamination from the fluid and the machine. This prolongs system life and avoid costly breakdowns.

All our samples are sent to an independent lab which will provide a detailed PDF Report containing the analysis findings.

We can sample and analysis a vast range of oils and fluids:

Hydraulic oil.

Gear oil.

Engine oils.

Turbine oils.

Diesel fuels.

Coolant (glycol). 

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